Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Chaoji Green Tea Benefits

Fresh Green Tea Ingredients - 100% Natural

Chaoji Tea contains a blend of natural herbs and plants that offer numerous health benefits to the consumer. With no added preservatives, Chaoji is made up from various ingredients, all of which are 100% natural. The various ingredients are mixed together to provide a brew that combines dietary health and immune system support with scrumptious taste.
Benefits of Chaoji Tea
Originating in China, green tea has been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. Using a variety of natural ingredients, Chaoji Tea incorporates all the health benefits of green tea and fuses them with our delicious, unique taste. Some of the benefits provided by Chaoji tea include:

  • Weight Loss - The polyphenol found in Chaoji tea works to boost the metabolism and activate the bodies’ thermogenic activity thus burning more calories.
  • Slowing of Aging Process - The anti-oxidants contained in Chaoji play a vital role in fighting the free radicals that damage cells and DNA causing premature aging.
  • Reduced Risk of Heart Disease -Free radical compounds are also known to cause heart disease. The anti-oxidants provide treatment at a cellular level thus reducing the chance of heart disease.
  • Reduced Cholesterol Levels - Numerous studies have shown that green tea reduces cholesterol levels.
  • Inhibits Growth of Cancer Cells - Chaoji tea contains the powerful anti-oxidant, EGCG which is known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
  • Prevents/Cures Constipation - Containing “friendly” bacteria which promotes regular bowel movement, green tea has long been used as a cure for constipation.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure - The catechin in Chaoji green tea inhibits the action of ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) – one of the main causes of high blood pressure.
  • Increased Stamina and Endurance - A recent study has revealed that green tea can boost stamina and endurance by up to 24%. This allows you to increase the intensity of your exercise programme thus ensuring you reach your goals quicker.
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